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What is REME LED?

This ACTIVE AIR PURIFICATION technology proactively treats every cubic inch of air-conditioned space, reducing airborne and surface contaminants through bi-polar ionization and revolutionary, patent-pending, REME-LED technology.

The manufacturer of this technology has a proven track record of over 4-million installations in over 60 countries.

How does it work?

REME-LED installs quickly and easily on any air handling equipment, including rooftop and make-up air systems. The system releases ionized hydroperoxides into the space attacking microbes like bacteria, viruses, and mould spores. 3X better than UV systems, this technology treats the duct, the air in the space as well as hard surfaces.

Is it effective at reducing COVID 19?

COVID-19 is a member of the enveloped RNA coronavirus (subgenus sarbecovirus, Orthocoronavirinae) subfamily. While testing specific to COVID-19 is still underway, we have validated test results showing 99+% reductions on similar viruses. These viruses, like COVID-19, are also ‘enveloped’ or protein jacketed virus types. If we can reduce these virus types, an assumption could be made that we would also be effective at reducing the current coronavirus at hand. Important to note that we make no medical claims. Testing and studies performed by third-party independent labs and universities, show 99+% INACTIVATION of: the Bird flu, Norwalk flu and Swine flu.

What are the technical specifications?

The industry’s first LED in-duct, active air purification system that is both mercury free and zero ozone compliant. It proactively treats every cubic inch of air-conditioned space, reducing airborne and surface contaminants and pollutants through bi-polar ionization and revolutionary, patent pending, REME-LED™ technology.

The technology is UL, ETL, TUV, EPA & CSA certified.

What are the benefits?

Safe, healthy classrooms with 99.9% reduction in germs and pathogens, 15% reduction in absenteeism*, 10-15% reduction in energy and carbon.

Is it supported by the Canadian Government?

Yes, Health Canada. It is also approved by the U.S., Chinese, and Japanese governments as well as the European Union, and U.S. Military.

What Research or test Results exist?

99% Reduction in mold, yeast and bacteria, strep, pneumonia, C- Diff, Escherichia Coli, Bacillus, Listeria, Inactivation of Methicillen Resistance, Legionnaires etc. Visit for hundreds of verified result studies from independent labs and universities.

Are there any case studies and success stories to support this technology?


Please visit for a comprehensive list of school and hospital case studies.

What sectors are using this product?

Hospitals, Schools, Campuses, Long Term Care, Public Buildings, however Grand Erie DSB is the first school district in Ontario, and Canada to use REME LED technology.

Once the REME is installed is there any maintenance costs

Yes, the LED bulb will need to be replaced within 4-5 years, a bulb cost roughly $250-$300 per bulb.

What is the REME warranty

7 years with a 1 year warranty on labour should Nerva install the REME.

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