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Nancy Romero


PhD in Social Sciences, FLACSO Argentina

Position in the Program

Researcher and Professor of the Specialization in Curriculum and school practices.



She has a PhD in Social Sciences (FLACSO-Argentina), Middle and Higher Level Professor in Education Sciences (UBA), Bachelor of Education Sciences (UBA) and Master in Education Management (UdeSa). She worked as a teacher at the middle and higher levels and as a pedagogical advisor in school institutions and in the editorial field.

She has carried out the planning, organization and conducted numerous teacher training sessions in several primary and secondary schools and training institutes in the country, as well as seminars for teachers, managers and supervisors abroad.

She is currently Academic Secretary and Professor of the Specialization in "Curriculum and school practices in context" (FLACSO), institutional pedagogical advisor for MOGAS schools in Argentina and a consultant in public and private institutions in relation to the implementation of curricular improvement projects.

Lines of research:

school culture - school material culture - teaching practices - knowledge and curriculum - teacher training


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