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Learn about the postgraduate programs of the Education, Knowledge and Society Program of the Education Area of ​​Flacso Argentina that continue with their open enrollment for the second semester of 2020.


The Specialization and Higher Diploma in Curriculum and School Practices in Context are receiving applications. The Higher Diploma constitutes an intermediate qualification of the Specialization in Curriculum and school practices in context.

Information regarding these postgraduate courses can be found by clicking here


The Government and Education Planning Seminar continues to accept registrations until August 15, cohort 8. The postgraduate course deals with the dialogue between the classic resources of government and educational planning, and the current dynamics of school systems.

Daniel Pinkasz, a researcher for the ECyS Program and academic director of the Seminar, makes a brief introduction in the following video.



Thesis Laboratory

Registration continues for the Thesis Laboratory aimed at those who have accredited the completion of a master's degree in education and related areas and who have pending delivery of the thesis to complete the postgraduate degree, whatever the degree of progress of the same. Students of the master's degree in Social Sciences with an orientation in Education (FLACSO) who have completed the course (Cohort 2017-2019, Cohort 2018-2020) and external students will be admitted. for more information click here.

Registrations are open for two Pedagogical Innovation Workshops: Between Knowledge and Practices: How to address racism and racial discrimination in school ?, and Image, Music and Words: teaching from the aesthetic experience as the germ of writing. The workshops begin their activities on August 24 and 27 respectively. Space is limited.

For more information click on the images:


Academic activity

The Cycle of Ideas "Present and future of the production of knowledge in education", invited to debate on fundamental issues of the production of knowledge in the current context

The Cycle of Ideas organized by the Master in Social Sciences with an orientation in Education, was developed in four meetings between the months of June and July to dialogue with renowned researchers about the present and future of the production of knowledge in the current context of the pandemic. The topics addressed were: social and educational statistics; the contributions of social theory and the sociology of education; educational research and thesis production; and the dissemination of knowledge between traditional media and the reinvention of formats. The meetings were moderated by Sandra Ziegler, researcher of the ECyS Program and academic coordinator of the Master's program.


Each meeting of the Cycle was broadcast live on the YouTube channel of the Ecys Program and gathered nearly 600 registrants.



To accompany each meeting follow the links:



Social and educational statistics in the face of COVID-19: opportunities and precautions on its production. Researcher: Diego Born and Nancy Montes



Revisiting the contributions of social theory and the sociology of education in the face of the pandemic. Researchers: Pablo de Marinis and Oscar Graizer



Educational research and thesis production in times of acceleration: redefinition of objects and modes of inquiry. Researchers: Daniel Pinkasz, Mariana Nobile and Sebastián Fuentes



Disseminate knowledge in times of acceleration: between traditional media and the reinvention of formats. Researchers: Guillermina Tiramonti, Renata Giovine and Verónica Tobeña


Virtual conversation brought together specialists from the region to reflect on racism at school

placas Transmissao (4).jpg

Para ver el conversatorio clic en la imagen

This discussion was organized by the Pedagogical Innovation Workshop "How to address racism and racial discrimination at school?" and promoted by the postgraduate course in Curriculum and school practices in context (more info in the link tallerRacismoenlaEscuela ). The meeting brought together specialists from the region to analyze how racism manifests itself in schools; how it is possible to build anti-racist pedagogies; and how racism in school is observed from the Latin American point of view. The researchers Álvaro Guaymás, Argentina; Bruno Baronnet, Mexico; Elizabeth Guzmán, Colombia; and Fabiana de Pinho, Brazil.

The moderator of the meeting, researcher of the ECyS Program and coordinator of the Workshop, Anny Ocoró Loango, spoke about the significance of the Conversation, “ The current social context is rapidly changing school dynamics, and precisely this situation enables the opportunity to reflect and problematize the issues mentioned in this discussion, issues that no school committed to educating citizens should ignore today, "he said.


RIES launches a compilation on secondary education in recent decades

The book "States of the art on secondary education: the academic production of the last 15 years on relevant topics" is now available on our website, a production of the Network of Researchers in Secondary Education (RIES) compiled by Daniel Pinkasz and Nancy Montes, researchers of the ECyS / FLACSO Program, and edited by Ediciones UNGS.

The publication is the product of the exchange within RIES, which discussed successive versions in researcher meetings. According to the authors, "the idea of ​​the publication was to generate a set of state of the art of research that collects the production of the last decades in Argentina referring to a field of study that has occupied a central place in the educational policy agenda ".

The compilation is made up of Felicitas Acosta, Marta Álvarez, Mariela Arroyo, Bárbara Briscioli, Soledad Fernández, Renata Giovine, Claudia Jacinto, Liliana Martignoni, Silvia Martínez, Julia Pérez Zorrilla and Flavia Terigi.


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Study at ECyS
Former students

Virtual encounters

During the months of June and July, the postgraduate course "Curriculum and school practices in context" held the first virtual meetings. The meetings were propitious spaces for the student-colleagues to get to know each other more, exchange information, opinions, doubts and experiences about the course.


ECyS Program researcher Nancy Romero tells us more about the experience of the meeting. “They are very enriching instances of dialogue based on themes that result from the academic proposal. The diversity of institutional belongings and geographical residences contribute valuable notes to the discussion of the issues in relation to the changes that are taking place from a specific knowledge and action in the current context ”, he said.

Vanesa D'Alessandre, Associate Researcher for Education and Social Protection - CIPPEC, evaluates her participation in the 2019 cohort of the Government and Education Planning seminar, from the Education area of Flacso Argentina, and comments on the importance of attending this postgraduate training .

Encuentro Curriculum julio.jpeg

We also share the experience of our former student, Jonathan Donag, on the journey in our proposal for Higher Diploma in Curriculum and school practices in context.

This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.

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Estamos realizando todas nuestras actividades de modo virtual



Pedagogical Innovation Workshops
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