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Through research projects and consultancies, we produce socially relevant knowledge about current problems in the educational world. We develop new approaches and we propose to situate relevant issues and agendas that are absent from the public discussion on education, establishing a dialogue with colleagues and actors in the educational system. Likewise, we assume the commitment to disseminate our own scientific production and the educational field in general, in order to guarantee a well-founded participation in public debate, since we understand that education is played out in a broad sociocultural and political fabric.

Work nuclei

They constitute spaces for reflection, research and training around themes, problems and approaches. They hold conferences, summon specialists from other fields and institutions, produce books and materials. They focus on the specialization and production of knowledge on issues that are on the public agenda about educational problems, or that are not looked at in a systematic way and deserve the attention of the research.

Núcleo de Estudios sobre los procesos educativos en la contemporaneidad


Coordinación: Guillermina Tiramonti

Núcleo de Estudios sobre Saberes y prácticas escolares

Coordinación: Silvia Finocchio

Gobierno y Planeamiento de la Educación


Coordinación: Daniel Pinkasz y Nancy Montes

Núcleo de Estudios sobre elites y desigualdades socioeducativas


Coordinación: Sandra Ziegler

Reunión de Investigadores/as en Educación Secundaria

Coord.: Daniel Pinkasz, Nancy Montes y Sebastián Fuentes

Núcleo de Estudios sobre Educación, Género, Sexualidades y Cuerpos

Coordinación: Sebastián Fuentes y Carolina Gamba

Research projects

The investigations carried out by our researchers made relevant contributions to understand the situation and the particularities of the educational system in Argentina. Both Individual and collective, the projects address the main areas of interest of the Program under specific methodologies and objectives. They have their own and / or external funding, and are developed individually or in teams made up of researchers from the Program and associated researchers.

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