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Sebastián Fuentes


Phd in Social Anthropology

Position in the Program

Researcher, Professor and Coordinator


He is a CONICET researcher with a position in the Education Area of FLACSO. Bachelor and Professor of Philosophy, he graduated in 2011 with a Master’s degree in Social Sciences, specializing in Education. Since then, he has been interested in the sociocultural production of educational inequalities, analyzed through the policies and experiences of social actors. He shares the concern about inequality in the educational system with colleagues from the NEPEC-Grupo Viernes, which he has been a member of since 2008. He obtained a doctoral degree at IDAES / UNSAM with a thesis on education and sports and solidarity sociability in the elites of Buenos Aires. Since 2012 he has been part of the NEEDS, a group in which a relational perspective on the formation of contemporary elites is developed. With colleagues from RIES, a team he has been part of since 2012, he shares his concern for the production of knowledge on secondary education in Argentina and on the appropriation that social actors make of scientific research.

He worked as a teacher at the secondary level, as a professor at the university level and in continuous teacher training. Developed teacher education and training projects on issues related to comprehensive sexual education, gender relations and the body’s production, developing content and training tools at the National Institute of Teacher Training and the Ministry of Education of the Nation (Argentina). He also developed training proposals for actors in the education and health systems in different provinces of Argentina. Since 2018, he coordinates the NEGESEC, the nucleus of training and research on gender, education and sexualities.

He has been a researcher for the GLOBALSPORT Project based at the University of Amsterdam (2016-2017), funded by the European Research Council. He was part of and coordinated Interuniversity networks with colleagues from other Argentine universities, Mercosur (University of Sao Paulo) and France (SciencePo). He also works as a professor, researcher and extensionist at the National University of Tres de Febrero.

He is interested in exploring the contemporary production of socio-educational inequalities, youth experiences and gender relations in training processes. He considers that education is relevant in and beyond school institutions: this led him to the study of sports practices among young people from Buenos Aires and Formosa (Argentina). He is interested in the study of educational policies at the high-school and university level, comprehensive sexual education policies, and the analysis of "solidarity" and humanitarian relationships developed by educational institutions and social organizations

Lines of research:

University - Secondary Education - Youths - Inequalities - Private Education - Privatization - Elites - Altruism and Solidarity - Sexualities - Masculinities - Gender


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