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Daniel Pinkasz


Master’s degree in Social Sciences, specializing in Education, FLACSO Argentina

Position in the Program




I got started in research and university teaching by studying the history of Argentine education. Later, the work in public management over several years aroused my interest in systematically studying educational policies and I devote most of my academic and professional time to this activity. For a few years I have been researching the implementation of educational policies in Argentina, particularly at the secondary level. My participation in consulting studies on educational policy evaluation, at national and regional levels, also contributes to my interest in understanding policies. I focus, above all, on trying to understand the logic of the action of the actors at the different levels and records of management. Based on these interests, I developed together with a team at FLACSO a training seminar on Government and Planning. Finally, together with a group of colleagues from FLACSO and other institutions, we are interested in grouping the dispersed efforts in research on secondary education in Argentina during the last decades with whom we set up a repository called "Base RIES" and organized for several years, annual meetings of a large part of the research community of secondary education.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences from FLACSO. I am a member of the research team of the Program Education, Knowledge and Society of the Education Fieldand I lead the Government and Planning of Education seminar (virtual and semi-face-to-face modality). I am a professor of Argentine Education History at the General Sarmiento University (UNGS). I worked in the public sector in the areas of curriculum and secondary education and I do consultancies. The most recent were for IIEP-UNESCO, OEI, UNICEF and the Ministry of Education. I have some publications on the history of teacher training in Argentina, on the history of education in the province of Buenos Aires, the most recent are on educational policy issues.

Lines of research:

Education Policies - Secondary Education - Public Policies - Change in Education Systems


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