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Mariana Nobile


PhD In Social Sciences, FLACSO Argentina

Position in the Program




She is an Adjunct Researcher at CONICET with a workplace in the Education Area of ​​FLACSO Argentina. Within the framework of ECyS, she has participated in NEPEC-Grupo Friday since 2005, is a member of the editorial team of the journal Propuesta Educativa and is a professor in the Thesis Laboratory and the Thesis Workshop of the Master in Social Sciences with an orientation in Education.


He holds a Master's degree in Sociology of Culture and Cultural Analysis, IDAES - UNSAM, and studied a degree in Sociology at the University of La Plata, where he also teaches sociology of Education.

He has carried out postdoctoral stays at the Catholic University of Leuven, in Belgium (COIMBRA Group grant, 2014) and at the Paris V University - Descartes, France (CIN - Sorbonne cooperation, 2017).

Lines of research:

Secondary school - school format - educational policies - school experience - bonds- emotions - merit and meritocracy - qualitative methodology - sociology of education - sociology of emotions


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