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Verónica Tobeña


PhD In Social Sciences, FLACSO Argentina

Position in the Program




She is an Assistant Researcher at the CONICET with a workplace at IICSAL, the executive unit of said council based in FLACSO Argentina. Within the framework of ECyS, she has participated in NEPEC-Grupo Viernes since 2005, and has been a member of the editorial team of the magazine Propuesta Educativa since 2008.

She has a Master's degree in Sociology of Culture and Cultural Analysis, IDAES - UNSAM and her undergraduate training is in Social Communication, UBA.

Her doctoral thesis analyzed the literary and historiographical fields from a cultural perspective, giving an account of the canon that each one enthrone comparing them.

Her inquiries aim to contribute to the conceptualization of the contemporary condition and the understanding of the current state of culture after the profound transformations that come with globalization, the emergence of ICT and the acceleration of the world. She focuses on the analysis of how these changes challenge the cultural function of secondary school, exploring the processes of convergence and tension that exist between the demands of contemporaneity and the school proposal. Her focus of analysis is on the epistemological-pedagogical dimension of the school, particularly on the impact that the emergence of a digital culture has on it and that of the latter on youth subjectivities.

She is part of the Argentine Society for Research in Education (SAIE).

Lines of research:

cultural change - contemporaneity - digital culture - ICT - secondary school - epistemological-pedagogical dimension - education policies - educational innovation - qualitative methodology - sociology of culture - cultural analysis


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