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Nucleus of Studies on Education, Gender,

Sexualities and Bodies (NEGESEC)

Coordination: Dr. Sebastián Fuentes ; Mg. Carolina Gamba.

Thesis members: Lic. Mariana Román (Master in Social Sciences with Orientation in Education, FLACSO); Prof. Ernesto Cipolloni (Master in Social Sciences with Orientation in Education, FLACSO); Lic. Mora Medici (Master in Social Sciences with Orientation in Education, FLACSO); Mg. Gerardo Hernández (PhD in Social Sciences, FLACSO); Natalia Nasep (PhD in Social Sciences, UBA); Matías Luongo (Master in Social Sciences with Orientation in Education, FLACSO)

NEGESEC is an academic space dedicated to research, updating and training on gender relations in educational processes.


The current demands for democratization, the visibility of gender inequities and violence, the recognition of corporeity and its historical discipline in modern educational systems, and the recognition of differences in the construction of identities and of sexual diversity and dissidence They install an agenda that needs to be analyzed from an educational point of view. Body and sex-generic regulations are a lens to look at broader social processes, which account for the transformation of contemporary societies, and the role, expectations and demands that are produced in and from training institutions.


We assume that it is not only school bodies that regulate bodily and gender-sexual production. Social, recreational and sports institutions, social programs and different types of organizations (youth, territorial, etc.) also influence the formation of relationships and identification processes that are more or less respectful of otherness and differences. In all of them there are cultural processes of change and transformation that are of crucial importance to understand in the articulations, dis-anchors and social expectations about what is expected of the subjects and bodies, and how they are formed.


The Nucleus is a space for education, training, advice and study of the intersections between gender, bodies and sexualities in educational processes. The Nucleus brings together trained and training researchers, and develops a reading and study agenda that addresses the role of educational institutions in the development of sex education, gender relations and diversity.

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