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Meeting of Researchers in Secondary Education (RIES)

Members: Daniel Pinkasz , Nancy Montes and Sebastián Fuentes


Institutions and researchers that make up the Academic Committee: Felicitas Acosta (UNGS), Octavio Falconi (UNC), Renata Giovine (UNICEN), Claudia Jacinto (IDES), Liliana Martignoni (UNICEN), Silvia Martínez (UNCo), Flavia Terigi ( UNGS), Guillermina Tiramonti and Sandra Ziegler (FLACSO)


Start year: 2013

It is a space that brings together researchers and specialists in secondary education issues for the exchange on the objects of analysis and on the modes of production, for the dissemination of research results and studies carried out in the last 16 years and for the realization of states of the art or specific studies that use the Knowledge Base developed in this area.




  • Collect the production of knowledge on empirically based secondary education in Argentina in the last 16 years

  • Contribute to the knowledge about what and how is investigated in said field in that period

  • Promote collective production in the research community from the use of the RIES Base

  • Contribute to the dissemination through publications, newsletters and open access to available research

  • Influence the modes of collective exchange in the research community incorporating the how and why of the research options

  • Develop exchange and collaboration initiatives with other state actors, academics, cooperation organizations and CSOs.



Number of projects and research collected:

1,564 projects, 1,335 associated products and almost 4,000 registered researchers.



Subsidies from FONCYT for the holding of scientific meetings, from UNICEF during the years 2017 and 2018 for the development and updating of the Knowledge Base and the Education, Knowledge and Society Program of FLACSO.

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